Creating and Monitoring Watch Lists at has some good tools for creating and monitoring watch lists and portfolios. For watch lists, you only need to enter the ticker symbol of the stock or fund to be watched. For portfolios, you need to also enter the number of shares, purchase price, and date of purchase. Following are instructions on how to create a free Morningstar account and how to log in:

Create a Morningstar Account

Log In to Morningstar Account You can then create a watch list as follows:

Create watch list

You can then export this watch list to a CSV (comma-separated values) as follows:

Export portfolio

You can similarly import a watch list from a CSV file as follows:

Import portfolio

I've posted views of five ETF watch lists at this link. You can import those watch lists from the following links: You can create the two views shown as follows:

Create a customized view

Create a second customized view View any Watch List with any View
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